Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship

Developed by employers, the innovative new degree apprenticeships provide a seamless bridge between further and higher education. Their introduction is one of the most important, progressive and exciting developments across workplace learning and education, in the last 25 years.

Traditional degree courses are primarily taught in the classroom, with little or no time spent gaining practical skills and knowledge in the workplace. Although this has its place, we believe there is another way. A way that places the learner and the learning at the heart of the discipline being studied, offering a winning situation for all involved. The employer retains the productivity of their whole workforce and the employee gets to see their learning put into practice within a real-life, real-time situation.

Degree Apprenticeships

As part of it's plan to create 3 million new apprentices by 2020, the UK government has worked with employers to create the innovative new range of Degree Apprenticeships - including the Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship.

Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship

Designed by employers for employers, the CMDA provides world-class business training, work-based learning and professional development, right through to becoming a Chartered Manager (CMgr).

Our Approach

As specialists in vocational delivery, the Quayside School delivers workplace development in a way that is real, contextual and will have an immediate positive impact on a managers performance and the business as a whole.

Outside of an apprenticeship, a degree is typically taught full time for three years at the university, with zero time in the workplace. Our CMDA is zero time at university and three years delivered and assessed in the workplace. This approach results in minimal disruption to business activities whilst delivering maximum return on staff development.

Chartered Manager is the highest status you can achieve in the management profession. We have embedded the knowledge, understanding and practice required to gain this ultimate accolade into the CMDA. On completion, you will be able to use the designatory post-nominal letters ‘CMgr’ as a commitment to continuous professional development and accomplishment as a manager.

Professional development outcomes

Develop all aspects of management and leadership skills, knowledge, self-awareness and behaviours. These include:

  • Strategic decision making, setting direction and achieving results
  • Building & leading teams and clear communication
  • Developing skills and motivating others
  • Fostering inclusive and ethical cultures
  • Leading change & innovation
  • Project & financial management

The aspect of the CMDA that makes it unique is that it also develops and assesses the self-awareness and behaviours that are required to be successful in a management role.

Qualification outcomes

The CMDA itself is the standard for what a Chartered Manager in the modern age should be. Your validation as evidence of being an effective leader will be:

  • BA (Hons) degree in a Business & Management subject.
  • Chartered Manager status awarded by the Chartered Management Institute and the approval to use the designatory post-nominal letters ‘CMgr’.
  • CMDA completion certificate

Eligibility & Funding

The Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship is a workplace programme and as such can be delivered to any eligible employee, including those who are an established member of staff. In fact, the Quayside School of Higher Education specialises in delivering programmes to existing staff members in order to help them make the next step in their career.

Eligibility criteria

  • New or existing employee
  • Working a minimum of 30 hours per week
  • Highest prior qualification does not exceed Level 6

The above is a general guide and anyone wishing to start on this course will be assessed against the full eligibility criteria prior to enrolment.


The CMDA is part of a new type of apprenticeship with a new method of funding. For people starting before the end March 2017, the UK Government funds £2 for every £1 of employer contribution

  • Course cost: £27,000
  • Employer Contribution: £9,000 (can be spread over 3 years)
  • Government Contribution: £18,000
  • Employer incentive grants may be available

Employer Guide to the CMDA (PDF document)

What is a Chartered Manager? (external link)

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